Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy? Us?

Oh yeah!! School is finally out, and my 'day job' wrapped up for a few weeks. Now the real work begins as I try to catch up at home. My sisters of course are still stuck with their day jobs, so I dare not 'brag' too much! However, so far I have come to the rescue of one twice - giving up my Saturday and part of Sunday to go to the coast. Rough duty, hm? grins!!
At the Nelsen farm, they are planting, and planting and planting. Brother in law Rhett is on the tractor most of the time and yet flower baskets needed to go to the Saturday Market at the coast. I went with Linda as the 'hired help' and also took some Homestead Store items and advertising [and of course bears]. We sold lots of flowers and fresh peas, the weather was nice both weekends, the farm bought our dinner each day [crab, we had crab!!] I got my exercise loading and think I should have paid them?
Today I am going to alternate between unfinished "Oh My Gaudy" fashion projects and working on my watering system at home. Came home with hoses and fittings yesterday, had to search half the darn town for the simplest thing for my drip system. Go figure.
Bye the way, we are having a photo shoot for Oh My Gaudy in July and then will upload new pictures. They are usually much better than the ones taken hanging on a hanger or on Dumb Dora, so we tend to wait until we have live models!
Finished my coffee, so I better get busy doing some other stuff......
Take care!