Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you are all having a great day! Hubby Lynn and I are getting ready to go decorate for a Valentines dinner/dance this evening.

Our Company 'Only One Company' is growing nicely. The design above right (Thanks Neasie for the cool graphic) I managed to digitize and stitch out a while back. Pretty pleased with the result and hope to put it to good use. As we produce more embroidery for folks, word is spreading and people are coming to us (especially Lynn - he is a wonderful salesman) with requests for more things. I love it!!! I have been working on our web page which at times can be most frustrating but I will persevere and get it eventually.

We are so very ready for spring planting and tending our yard and gardens. The beautiful lillies above are sitting on our coffee table in the living room, looking heavenly and filling the house with their pretty scent as well. They along with several other blooming bulbs will be gracing a place in our flower gardens later on.
We are also beginning work on plans for our Annual Fiber Celebration and will know later today exactly what date the event will be. More to come on that later.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Down on the homestead

It is raining this morning, and I'm almost disappointed. Yesterday's weather made us think we might have a snow day from school!
If I could have spent the day home, I could have finished up a couple projects, including doing the taxes. I know, does not sound exciting, but am ready to tackle it and 'git er done' for the year.
Of course, I'm in the middle of a huge project at work also and need the time on it. What I really could have used was a day AT work but no kids!! We are in the middle of our annual Battle of the Books, with our school competition next week, the district one the following week [top two teams from both elementary schools face off] and regional the following week. Regional is new for us, and because there was not one last year we offered to host it to get it going. Then the regional winner can attend state. These kids have to answer questions from 16 books that [hopefully] they have read, plus know titles and authors on all of them. I read each book as well.
Now how does this relate to the Homestead Store? Doesn't really, except that I have kids in my group that are much like we were as children; good readers, inquisitive, full of energy, embracing new concepts, coming up with crazy ideas.
They are both fun and challenging to work with.
Best thing you can do for a child is encourage them to read and be a life long learner. [of course, as a parent, there is a lot more to the package, but I mean any child whose life you touch.]