Monday, December 29, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Thanks sister Nancy for being more on the ball than I am! At least someone gets things posted now and then.

Where have we been?

Good question! Yes, I know, we went off on our annual retreat and that was it. No newsletter, no emails, no stories, nothing. Anyone curious as to why? We each have our reasons, but the bottom line falls to me [Denise] because I put the materials together that each sister sends, and do the web work on the newsletter. So slap me with that wet noodle, because I did not 'git 'er done', obviously!
The good and the bad; most of this fall I have spent my 'free' time working on bears! Each morning before going to work, each afternoon/evening after work - creating bears packed with memories from the boxes of clothing and stories folks sent me. The upside is that my business did well, topping last years, and helped many with their memories in a special way. The downside is .... no newsletter.
Let's hit the high spots: we had an awesome retreat (see Nan's report) and wish we could win the lottery so we'd have more time to work on our projects without the daily commitment to the 'day' job. Of course, that does require buying tickets, and then the chances are still slim to none!
Veteran's Day: Thumbs up to all our veterans, and those who serve for us now. We will never forget.
Thanksgiving: Linda and Rhett trekked over to Eastern Oregon to spend it with Mother Teresa, and Ruth & Jerry. Nancy and George were able to visit while they were there, and had a great time going through boxes of treasures helping Ruth get things into her new house, sewing room, office, etc. Lynn had to work, so couldn't go with them. Clyde & Chrysta came down and spent a restful weekend with us. Yes, I kept working on bears!
Christmas: We're all getting ready for this special time of year, each in our own way. Snow has hit most of us, and it looks like we'll have a white Christmas for sure. Our biggest Christmas wish is that everyone be safe, whether staying home or traveling.
New Year: We wish everyone a healthy and prosperous year. We'll try to be consistent again! Oh yes, at our corporate meeting we resolved to continue our production of handcrafted, often one of a kind, definitely unique custom made heirloom quality gifts and useful things for the delectation of any interested parties. Now did that sentence confuse you? Good! Bound to keep you tuned in to see what additional craziness we manage!!
God Bless you all, and if you want to sign up for the newsletter, send an email to, subject: Sign me up!