Sunday, September 14, 2008

New "toy" great embroidery to come!!

Good morning everyone. My husband & I have just purchased a commercial embroidery machine. It arrived yesterdery and is set up and running beautifully. We look forward to creating some unique and beautiful items for our customers. I am totally impressed with the ease of operation for this 12 needle machine. Also it is quiet and very well made. Now we must become students and learn about all the wonderful options and nifty things one can do with this machine.
We have just relocated our sewing/craft room and along with that put in new flooring in that room and the adjacent room as well. Whew! Lots of moving stuff around and sorting and pitching (well some pitching anyhow) as well as aching backs.
Fall is coming soon it appears so we want to get these projects finished up so we can settle in for the winter and make beautiful things.
Happy Fall all!!!