Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's Summer!!

Summer is here with a vengeance it seems. The forest fires have begun, but luckily for us they are not close by. Unluckily the smoke has drifted here from N. Calif. and is clogging the air.

The last three weekends, I've gone to Saturday Market at Brookings with sister Linda and a trailer of gorgeous flowers from Nelsen Family Farms. We took some of our Homestead Store items along as well, offering some 'Saturday Market' pricing. There has been renewed interest in our Northwest Primitive Bear. This little stuffed guy comes with 3 Salmon which can be fed to the bear. Once the feeding is done, they can be removed [velcro tab on the tummy] and re-fed as many times as you like. Interested? Email us at for info.
What else? Besides the regular daily 'stuff', we are working on some new projects and will share when we can!
God Bless,